The challenges for SME’s are huge.

You don't have to face them alone.


  • Would you like to gain a better understanding and visibility of your financial results on a monthly basis so that you know what needs to be done to improve them?


  • Would you like to see what your cash flow looks like over the next few weeks and how to improve it?


  • Would you like some help managing the financial areas of your business, but don’t have the need or budget for a full time Financial Controller/CFO?


  • Would you like to improve your visibility of which products, customers or services you supply are profitable?


  • Are you trying to grow the business, but feel like you are having to be the MD, CFO, Sales Manager and the HR Manager all at the same time?


My name is Kevin Mackmin.

I started Your Financial Controller to help SME’s face these challenges and others by providing an affordable and flexible solution for businesses that want to grow profits and improve their cash flow.


My family and I have been living and working in WA since July 2012. Having spent over 25 years in the UK working in senior finance positions across multiple industries, I have gained some great experience and knowledge that I want to share.


The Your Financial Controller team is very passionate about helping small and medium sized business owners achieve better financial returns whilst improving the quality of their day to day working lives. 




In a very short space of time Kevin has now given me greater visibility of how my business is doing and what my team and I need to do to improve our results. With his help in changing the way we look at our financials, I am very confident we will grow our business in a much more sustainable and profitable way.

Darryn Doble, Owner and Managing Director

EKKA Group Pty Ltd, Landsdale, WA

I was sceptical about the value of having a Financial Controller working in our business for many years. After a few days working with Kevin, I realised not all accountants are the same. He has a sleeves rolled up approach and has completely transformed the way we use financial information to help us manage our business. He is now a very important part of our management team. 

Peter Coffey, Owner and Managing Director

ASA Windows Pty Ltd, Wangara, WA

Kevin has provided a huge benefit to us in terms of insightful management reporting that is tailored and relevant to our business.  Since commencing our engagement, our financial reporting has evolved from pure compliance to an extremely useful management tool for managing and driving efficiency and providing streamlined feedback for the business owners each month.  

Sam Willis, CEO and Shareholder

Checkside Group Pty Ltd

Action Sheds Australia has worked with Kevin and his team for 4 and a half years. We initially brought Kevin into our business to help us understand our financial position and to receive clarity and insight into our business.  His team have been a huge asset in helping us to understand the figures and helping us to grow our business.

Giselle Italiano, Director and Shareholder

Action Sheds Pty Ltd, WA