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Flexible, cost-effective financial experts, empowering businesses to realise their vision

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Our History

Why we care about making a difference

As a team, we’ve worked as senior financial controllers for decades. Across multiple industries, we’ve seen business owners run into the same problem over and over – big ambitions, but limited resources and know-how resulting in a lack of clear, accurate financial reporting and visibility of the numbers that matter.

We share a passion for entrepreneurial success, and with over 300 years of combined experience, we knew we could make a difference. In 2015, we launched Your Financial Controller to provide part-time expert financial advice to driven CEOs without the overhead. Since then, our small but dedicated team have helped over 60 businesses across Perth and Western Australia turn their companies around.

We handle the numbers, so you keep your eyes on your big vision.


The values driving our commitment To success

‘Sleeves rolled up’ problem solvers you can rely on

Ethics come first

We believe success means doing right by our clients. You can count on total honesty and transparency from us at all times. It’s just how we operate, in business and beyond.

Expertise in motion

We’ve been in the game for a long time. We mastered the ins and outs of financial management and navigating changing rules and regulations.

Client-centric approach

We place our clients at the centre of everything we do, and we’re not afraid to dive deep in. But most importantly, we know that every business needs a tailored strategy to succeed.

Precision before action

We maintain meticulous attention to detail and ensure no action is taken without the backing of trustworthy data. Accuracy is the bedrock of our financial services.

Timely financial insights

We know growing businesses thrive on prompt financial advice. That’s why we make sure to deliver speedy and dependable financial reports to keep you agile in a fast-paced environment.

Leading with foresight

We’re the trailblazers in financial tech, offering an exclusive view of your financial landscape with real-time data and actionable insights that don’t overlook the big picture.

Our Team

Our passionate financial controllers, supporting your
success from the inside out

Kevin Mackmin

Kevin Mackmin

Director and Founder

With over 30 years of senior financial management under his belt, Kevin brings unparalleled experience to the role of Founder.

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Russell Bailey, Client Director at Your Financial Controller

Russell Bailey

Client Director

Russell brings over 3 decades of multifaceted accounting experience to his role as Client Director and Senior Business Advisor at Your Financial Controller.

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Scott Thomas, Business Advisor at Your Financial Controller

Scott Thomas

Business Advisor

With over 15 years of well-rounded finance expertise, Scott brings strategic thinking and innovative solutions to Your Financial Controller.

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Jodi Buzza, Business Advisor at Your Financial Controller

Jodi Buzza

Business Advisor

Jodi brings over 18 years of financial controller experience to the table, with specialised expertise across logistics, supply chain, resources, and finance sectors.

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Mitch Howard-Bath

Mitch Howard-Bath

Business Advisor

Mitch brings a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to tackling clients’ financial questions and issues from a lifetime of experience in the financial services industry.

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Bradley Pitt, Business Advisor at Your Financial Controller

Bradley Pitt

Business Advisor

With over 15 years of experience in the field, Bradley brings a down-to-earth approach and passion for making a difference to his role as Your Financial Controller’s go-to expert on all things finance, bookkeeping, payroll, and systems.

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Oliver Nikolovski, Business Advisor at Your Financial Controller

Oliver Nikolovski

Business Advisor

With nearly 2 decades years of experience across both the public accounting and industry sides combined, Oliver brings a well-rounded perspective to his role as advisor.

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Your On-Demand financial controller

We’re the outsourced partners who work IN your business

See your path to success

Our experienced financial partners don’t just report numbers, they provide the visibility and key insights you need to make strategic decisions to realise your company’s full potential.

Pinpoint current & future problems

We dive deep into the financial details of your business to pinpoint problem areas and provide tailored recommendations to improve financial performance.

Flex with your changing needs

Get access to financial expertise as needed, whether it’s targeted project help or ongoing strategic guidance. Our customised services can change as quickly as your business does.

Predict profit pathways

With our forecasting and modeling expertise, we identify opportunities for efficiency, growth, and profit improvement to help you make smarter strategic moves.

Focus on leading your business

Our tireless financial number crunching, reporting and analysis means you can focus on leading your company, not chasing spreadsheets.

Skills without the price tag

Access top-tier financial expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. Our rates provide valuable ROI for your bottom line.